East meets West

Inspired by nature, designed in a beautiful symbiosis of function and form. The Uni3 Campus breathes openness and innovation.

Main Building

Main buildings with some 3000 working places, café, auditorium, restaurants and open inner courtyard.

The Showroom

Showroom and office spaces for Lynk & Co — the new mobility brand from Geely, with the aim to change ownership models of cars and adapt to the connected generation and their consumer needs.

The Design Studio

The Design studio will be a “chamber of secrets” where the cool new products from primarily Lynk & Co will be designed.

The Hotel

A four star hotel and long stay for guests from far away. Excellent service and rooftop restaurant.

Ground & Park

With plants from East and West, we've designed a lush greenery that unites the buildings into the Uni3 Campus.

Five Chinese elements.
A Swedish glass heritage.

When developing the design concept and architecture for Uni3, the successful collaboration between China and Sweden throughout history had a given place.

Gunnar and Mårten Cyrén — Cyril cubes, 1961.
Photo: John Selbing

Weaving together important parts of culture from each country – the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water together with the centuries old Swedish glass heritage – we got a handful of beautiful buildings in different colour glass, all standing on a solid foundation made of bricks which is a symbol for earth.

The craftsmanship and knowledge of glassmaking and glasswork dates back hundreds of years in Sweden.






Katarina Österlund

Geely Innovation Centre, Design project leader

Quotation Mark

All the materials and colors are carefully selected to be honest and long-lasting.