Customize your event

Are you looking to book an area for a separate event, are you in the market for a combination of rooms and functions? Not a problem. Our arrangements are as flexible as they are inspiring.

The Theatre

Our Theatre is one of Gothenburg’s most inspiring and impressive event areas, inspired by the outdoors with natural sunlight and even a waterfall. The Theatre is a flexible space where almost anything can happen. Let your imagination run wild – our job is to make it happen.

  • Covered by glass roof; host an event in the sunshine, but with indoor temperature
  • 1456 m² large premises and capacity of around 600 people

Exhibition Area

Display a car, host an art exhibition or let your guests mingle – the open space available in our exhibition area offers multiple possibilities.

  • Highly flexible – you decide the arrangement
  • 232 m²

Roof terrace

Right under the Gothenburg sky, built on the 7th floor, is our outdoor terrace. Welcome up for a break between meetings, enjoy a fresh drink and the stunning views.

  • Host an outdoor yoga event, afterwork, a team fika or a BBQ party – the possibilities stop at your imagination
  • Capacity of 150 people (646 m²)
  • Sea view with sunset opportunities
  • Ideal for private events

Private dining rooms

Enjoy our Element Rooms! Integrate your event with a dining experience in perfect harmony with the surroundings. Our element rooms are inspired by the five Chinese elements, and each comes with a customized menu. Enjoy the experience and make your meeting something out of the ordinary.

  • Private seatings
  • Customized menu
  • Fully equipped for Audio/visual meetings

Activity kitchen

Welcome to Gang’s Taste! Whether you want a private serving or to invite your group to an inspirational cooking class alongside a professional chef, Gang’s taste is the place to start. Partake in our passion for food, as much or as little as you prefer. A social event with a tasty finish.

  • Team building
  • Cook-along classes
  • Customizable packages – always includes either a chef or a host