Logistic Policy

November 25, 2022

Receiving packages

Please contact reception for details.


Receiving Goods


  • Measurement per delivery (Length + 2x Width + 2x Height) exceeds 250 cm
  • Weight per delivery does not exceed 15 kg

Delivery address

Goods should be delivered to reception through the main entrance of Lynk & Co building (Planetgatan 6).


  • Tenants should always collect delivered goods directly from carrier and transport goods into tenant premise
  • As a primary principle the tenant is to direct delivery car/truck to the garage and use the elevator to bring any goods straight to the tenants premise. During the process, tenants are responsible for access and safety
  • If tenants must use lift board at goods unloading entrance to bring in goods, contact front desk in advance
  • Tenants have the responsibility to protect our shared facility (e.g. walls, floors etc.) when moving goods in Uni3 facility
  • If the recipient cannot collect goods upon arrival, a new delivery time may need to be arranged


Other questions

If you have other questions or request regarding goods and packages, please send an email to frontdesk@uni3bygeely.com