December 8, 2021

Our campus is more than just a collection of buildings; every furniture, every colour and every material has been carefully chosen according to our design story where East meets West.

Bringing the five Chinese elements into the material selection makes the campus come alive and allows us to tell stories in every corner of the campus. This we have done purposely to create an environment where creativity and innovation can occur naturally. We want this place to welcome all people, regardless of whether they belong to the Geely Holding group, an external tenant or the Gothenburg community. Thus, our facades are covered in glass to express transparency and openness, inviting people in. Yet we wanted to create a link to the shipping yard heritage in the area and chose a strong foundation of bricks similarly to the buildings that were and still are here. You see, I could go on about these material stories for hours.

For many years Geely in Sweden has worked scattered in different locations, and the initial thinking for this campus was to facilitate that growing need for offices. We have accomplished that. The new workplace is more than just a building; it is a symbolic statement to you as an employee that we are here to stay. It is also a clear statement of commitment to the city of Gothenburg, and to our suppliers, partners, stakeholders and everyone in the Geely Holding Group – we are now a permanent fixture in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Europe. However, it is becoming much more than that. We are stretching beyond the belonging to Geely and are equally thrilled to now also be host to external tenants. You are all important contributors in creating synergies and a collaborative atmosphere. I hope that we can learn from each other, exchange valuable expertise and together create cultural memories that are unseen of in the business environment today. I hope that we can enable the East to meet the West, because when 1+1 meet something happens, extra value is created. This added value has become an important guideline for the campus and is the reason for the name of the Uni3 brand.

Please take a moment to read through this introductory information package that will help you discover your new workplace.

Once again, welcome!

Gang Wei, CEO