Say hello to Lighthouse by Uni3

Let us present the sixth and final building at Uni3 Campus, Lighthouse by Uni3.

This building, housing multiple tenants, is nearing completion and will be open for occupancy in September.

Hard Facts: 

  • 20 000 square meters GFA
  • 52 meters high
  • Around 1 300 workspaces
  • 2 restaurants
  • Amazing roof terrace
  • Spectacular bridge connecting Lighthouse with Clarion Hotel The Pier

And soft poetry 

Welcome to the Lighthouse, a modern haven where cultures blend and ideas thrive. Inspired by Earth in Chinese
philosophy, its design honors creativity and teamwork. In the lobby, a stone reception desk welcomes you, while a towering tree
mural adds life. But the real gem is the golden bridge atop the building. From there, you’ll feel like you’re on a lighthouse,
with a stunning view of the city. At night, the building’s facade lights up, resembling a guiding beacon. The bridge connects the
vibrant bar below to the peaceful rooftop, where ideas flourish under the stars. Welcome to the Lighthouse—a symbol of
innovation and endless possibilities.

Lighthouse by Uni3 the sixth building at Uni3 by Geely