Team activities

Understanding the power of team synergy, we offer well-selected team-building activities at Uni3 conference and events in Gothenburg. These experiences are designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and camaraderie, ensuring your events are both productive and memorable.

Team activities at Uni3 Conference & Events

– elevating your business gatherings

Activity Kitchen

In Gangs Taste, your team work together to create memorable meals. Guided by expert chef, this experience offers a unique approach to team building. Suitable for teams of 4 to 14 members.

The Terrace

Whether it is a revitalizing yoga session, a unique after-work gathering, or an alternative lunch setting, our rooftop terrace is designed to foster team unity and collaboration during your conference in Gothenburg.

Mario Kart

Transform your coffee break or conclude your meeting day with a spirited Mario Kart tournament on the expansive 8*4 screen in the Theatre. Enhance the competition by forming teams. Priced at 1500 sek/hour.

Ping Pong

Organize a tournament or engage in round-ping pong/rundpingis. This simple yet engaging activity promises laughter and team bonding. Four tables available for your use at 1500 sek/hour.


Discover hidden vocal talents within your team. Our karaoke setup provides everything you need for a lively musical interlude during your event. Priced at 1,500 sek/hour.

Brain training kinetik at Uni3

Elevate your events with Anna-Clara’s seminars, blending learning with entertainment. Add a unique dimension to your day with:

Workshop: Boost Brain Capacity
Workshop: Energy and Recovery

da Matteo coffee experience

In collaboration with da Matteo, we curate an immersive coffee experience that tantalizes all senses. Explore a world of rich aromas, exquisite flavors, ambient settings, and soothing music. Enhance your conference experience in Gothenburg.

Activities at Uni3 Conference & Events by Aventi

Race Against the Clock

Engage in a thrilling challenge where the objective is to solve the task within 60 seconds, adding a dynamic element to your events.

Brain Game

Teamwork takes center stage in this energetic, fun, and intense activity. Teams must complete a series of tasks, earning more points within the allotted time. Perfect for fostering collaboration during your conference.

Conference Puzzle

Teams compete in various challenges, earning a letter for each victory.

The final task?

Deciphering the word we’re hinting at.

Mission Completed – Outdoor

Teams are equipped with a backpack and tablet, using them to navigate to around 40 points we’ve set up in the vicinity, making it a unique addition to your events.


We know that a great team exercise can lift a conference to the next level.

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