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Secure a dedicated office space in our exclusive new campus at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. Starting from 250 m².

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Whether you need a small private office or just a desk, United Spaces has got you covered with their flexible membership.


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Discover your next office in the Uni3 campus at Lindholmen


At Uni3, we are not just offering office spaces; we are curating an environment where innovation thrives. Located in the heart of Gothenburg’s Lindholmen area, we have created a hub that invites forward-thinkers, visionaries, and professionals to come together and realize their potentials.


Whether you are a start-up seeking a vibrant office rental space or an established enterprise looking for expansive office leasing, Uni3 has the perfect solution for you. Beyond the workspace, immerse yourself in a dynamic community enriched with diverse dining options, a premium hotel, cafés and other amenities.


Remember, at Uni3, the sum is greater than its parts. It is a place where boundaries are pushed, and new horizons are explored!