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Access the advantages of Uni3 App to navigate the Uni3 World of Food, avail tenant-exclusive discounts, and promptly report any facility issues. Stay tunned for the latest happenings and updates within the campus.


Uni3 indoor map – Floor 0

Navigate with ease from the garage to various amenities such as the gym, changing rooms, bike parking, and more.

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Uni3 outdoor map

Familiarize yourself with the building names, garage entrances, and the broader Uni3 surroundings.

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Long-term business visitor guide

Planning an extended stay at Uni3, or expecting a long-term visitor? This brochure is packed with essential information to enhance your experience.

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Miljöbyggnad certification

Proudly, Uni3 holds the Miljöbyggnad certification, a testament to our commitment to sustainable building practices in Sweden. View the certification details for our buildings.

Certificate GIC 1

Certificate GIC 2

Certificate GIC 3

Certificate GIC 4

Certificate GIC 5

Green energy commitment

At Uni3, we prioritize the environment. All the energy we procure is sourced sustainably, ensuring a greener tomorrow.

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Changing room regulation

For the comfort and well-being of all our patrons at Uni3, we request adherence to our changing room guidelines.

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