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Read about fault report in Uni3. You can make fault report in website directly or in our Uni3 App on your mobile.
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Information for your building


Check out the practical information for your building.

What is the address? How do climate curtains work in the building? What is not allowed in the office?
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Safety and security


Ensuring the well-being of everyone within Uni3 is paramount. See the detailed information about our security systems, emergency protocols, and general recommendations from our security department.

Parking at Uni3


Driving to Uni3? There is a variety of parking options both within and around our campus, including garage parking, car spaces, motorbike spots, and bicycle stands.

Indoor climate and sustainability


We are dedicated to implementing sustainable and eco-friendly practices at Uni3.

Discover how we optimize our campus to conserve energy without compromising comfort.

Why do I feel cold in office?

The feeling of temperature is individual, in the same room one person can think it is too hot at the same time one person think it is too cold. Due to our concern of the environment and energy consumption, at Uni3 we allow the temperature to go as high 23 degrees Celsius before the cooling starts, and as low as 21 degrees Celsius before the heating starts.

How is the temperature controlled in buildings?

The indoor climate in the houses is automated and controlled centrally.
In the morning, the ventilation starts up with low flow, and when you enter a room, the ventilation increases to normal flow by motion detectors.

If the room is too cold, the radiator starts heating, and if it is too hot the ventilation starts to cool down with higher ventilation flow.

The conference rooms also have detectors for co2 and forces the ventilation to even higher when needed.

How is the temperature measured?

The room temperature is measured on an inner wall, not at the window. If the radiator is cold, it normally indicates that the temperature in the room is high enough.

What can I do if I feel too cold/too warm?

The easiest way to control your comfort is by choosing your clothing.

But if you still feel discomfort, please open the Uni3 app and fill in the information in fault report or click here to make a report. We will investigate the system and assure that it works as it should.

Why climate curtains go down automatically?

The climate curtains roll automatically to reduce the glare of excessive sunlight. The reason for this is to contribute to environment and minimize the energy consumption in the buildings.