Uni3 aims to contribute to positive social development through close collaboration with the city, businesses, and academia.
BK Häcken and Vägen framåt

Proud partner to BK Häcken

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Part of the reason Uni3 have chosen to work with BK Häcken is there initiative “Vägen Framåt” . BK Häcken creates joy and positive unifying force  through football. Their focus on youth, development, and sustainability harness the postive energy and forwrad-thinking spirit. We believe that their efforts make a difference.

We are supporting  Mathivation

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Securing the future skills supply.

Math is one of the most emotionally charge subjects in school. There is a significant shortage of the right skills in the business world, and companies have a high demand for talented individuals. Mathivation works to enhance skill development and elevate the status of mathematics and programming.

Uni3 supports Göteborgs Stadsmission

We are sponsoring Göteborgs Stadsmission

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Uni3 is proud to support Göteborgs Stadsmission, an organization that upholds the equal value of all individuals, regardless of their life situation. Social security is a human right, but challenges like poverty, mental illness, and unemployment can lead to exclusion. To combat this, Göteborgs Stadsmission provides both urgent and long-term support.