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Discover a diverse range of food and beverage delights right here at Uni3. From daily lunch and fika to delicate business dinners, we cater to every palate.

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At Uni3, you can conveniently shop for a variety of Asian goods, snacks, essential daily items, and flowers to suit your needs.

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Experience the luxury and comfort of Clarion Hotel The Pier on Uni3 campus. Make the Gothenburg visit memorable for you or your business associates.


Elevate your dinning experience at Lindholmen


Nestled in the heart of Gothenburg’s bustling business hub Lindhomen, our goal is to transform each workday into a productive and delightful experience. We understand the importance of good food in enhancing well-being and promoting collaboration. That’s why we’ve carefully assembled a diverse selection of restaurants and cafés right here on the campus.


Enjoy the convenience of savoring a delectable meal without leaving the campus. It’s not just about nourishing the body; it’s about enriching your work life, building connections through shared meals, and memorizing moments of gastronomic delight.