Tenant collaboration and benefits

Uni3 thrives with networking and collaboration

Uni3 Networking opportunities

Uni3 Community Network

Central to Uni3’s operational transparency is the Uni3 Community Network. Conducted quarterly, these strategic meetings convene representatives from all tenant companies to disseminate and discuss updates pertinent to the Uni3 Campus. This includes planned maintenance, infrastructural enhancements, renovations, and events that might influence daily operations.


These sessions aim to ensure consistent communication, keeping all stakeholders informed and offering a direct channel to engage with the Uni3 by Geely Management.


For further information or queries about the Uni3 Community Network, please contact us at facility@uni3bygeely.com.

Uni3 Collaboration Forum

Held monthly, the Uni3 Collaboration Forum serves as a platform for disseminating updates on campus activities, events, and initiatives. It is designed to foster synergies and promote collaborative opportunities among all companies within Uni3.

For inquiries or further engagement, please reach out to Martin Renström at martin.renstrom@geelyeu.com

Uni3 Communication Protocol

Within the diverse ecosystem of the Uni3, where multiple companies operate, streamlined communication is paramount. To ensure clarity and consistency, we’ve instituted the Uni3 Communication Protocol. Adherence to this protocol is essential when disseminating information throughout the Uni3 campus.

Each company designates a primary contact who receives information through the Uni3 Communication Protocol. This contact then assumes the responsibility of cascading this information within their respective organization.

For disseminating information through the Uni3 Communication Protocol or for any related queries, please reach out to the Front Desk at frontdesk@uni3bygeely.com. Kindly ensure all communications are in English.

Tenant benefits

Uni3 tenant activities

Beyond the workspace, Uni3 thrives as a hub of engagement and interaction. Regular events and activities, hosted in the Theatre and other communal zones, invite everyone on campus to participate. Our aim is to foster a dynamic and invigorating environment, enriching your time spent here.

For the latest on Uni3 happenings, keep an eye on our display screens or our happenings page. Stay informed and be part of the Uni3 experience.

Lunch offer at Uni3 World of Food

As a valued tenant of Uni3, enjoy a special 10 kr discount on your lunch at Uni3 World of Food. Here is how:

  1. Download the ‘Uni3 by Geely’ app.
  2. Create an account using your company email address.
  3. Redeem your lunch coupon within the app at the time of purchase.

For any assistance or inquiries, feel free to approach our restaurant staff or reach out to us at uni3restaurant@compass-group.se.

Uni3 Gym by SATS

Location: Situated in the Uni3 Main Building, Floor 0.
Eligibility: Exclusive to Uni3 campus professionals. A valid ID badge is required.
Membership Fee: 150 SEK/month.

Register here

Uni3 common areas

Common areas overview:
Uni3 boasts a variety of shared spaces accessible to all, including the iconic Uni3 Theatre, the inviting restaurant on Floor 2, and the panoramic roof terrace. While these areas are open for communal use, there may be times they are reserved for special events. We appreciate your understanding during such times.

Terrace etiquette:
The terrace in the Uni3 Main Building stands as a serene escape for everyone at Uni3. Whether you’re looking to enjoy lunch, a mid-day fika, or simply a moment of reflection, the terrace is your go-to spot.

To ensure a pleasant experience for all, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Feel free to bring your lunch, but ensure you leave no trace behind.
  • Planning a barbecue or wish to serve alcohol? Kindly book an event. Personal provisions are not permitted.
  • Treat the furniture with care. Return items to their original spots after use, and if you utilize a cushion, ensure it is returned to its storage.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the building.
  • Should you notice any issues or damages, please report them promptly to help prevent further complications.
  • For terrace event bookings, reach out to booking@uni3bygeely.com.

da Matteo – café discount

Secure your ‘Stammiskort’ at the café da Matteo and unlock special discounts.

Within the dynamic landscape of our campus, we have cultivated a space where tenant collaboration is not just possible – it is encouraged. This ethos drives a community where businesses not only coexist but also thrive together. Our conviction is that true innovation emerges from collaboration, and our campus is designed to be a nexus where tenants can forge connections, exchange insights, and collectively prosper.


Moreover, we extend a suite of benefits to all at Uni3, enhancing the work environment. We are always attuned to our tenants’ feedback, ensuring we stay ahead of trends and consistently shape an environment that is both productive and appealing.