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Conference day package


At Uni3 we can assist you in planning your perfect day. We have creative and flexible conference solutions – and with three different catering options, we help you keep the flow. Our conference packages are the perfect compliment to any room or event.


We all need breaks, even in the middle of a creative flow. Keep your energy levels up during shorter sessions and more casual meetings.

The start-up package includes:

  • Morning or afternoon fika with coffee, tea and sandwiches/pastries
  • Conference lunch at Uni3 World of Food

244 SEK/pers. for full day conference (excl. VAT)


Level up

Get the most out of your team during your meeting. With the half or full day conference package – you get both tasty and uplifting breaks.

Half day or full day conference includes:

  • Morning and afternoon fika buffet with coffee, smoothie/yoghurt, tea, chocolate, sandwiches/pastries, fruit, candies
  • Conference lunch at World of Food

346 SEK/pers. for full day package (excl. VAT)


Creative boost

The all day experience – coffee breaks with snacks, great lunch, an exciting team activity and a nice dinner to round the day off? The choice is yours, and we can assist you planning your day!

Multiple choice on:

  • Fika
  • Lunch
  • Team activity
  • Dinner booking

Start from 698 SEK/pers. for full day package (excl. VAT)