Room for

Digital Meetings

A seamless digital

At Uni3 conference and events, you can have a great meeting, even if you’re not here. Move seamlessly between in-person and digital meetings, from small studio broadcasts to large hybrid events. We have the expertise to help you plan, package and execute your event in line with your ambition and budget.

Standard setup

Our standard set up works equally well for meetings face to face, via link or a combination of both.
All the rooms are equipped with:

  • Screen
  • Microphone
  • Wifi
  • White board Office supplies
  • Connected so you can start with a digital meeting whenever you need. For Teams meeting and video conference, you just need simple plug in.

Digital extra set up

With this setup you get a high tech twist to your hybrid meeting.
All the rooms are equipped with:

  • Display screen and screen sharing
  • Microphone that can pick up sound from wherever a person may be in the meeting room
  • Smart camera and speaker system
  • Environment is hybrid friendly

Studio broadcast

In our studio broadcast package, you get everything you need to capture and share your information, meeting or conference – big or small. Choose between:

  • Small scale broadcast: A professional studio ifully equipped with computer, camera, broadcasting platform, headphones, microphones, microphone processor, mixer, soundproofing, etc. On site, you will also have video and broadcast professionals support.
  • Medium or large scale broadcast: Video and broadcast professionals help set up the studio to your liking. Project managers, producers, graphic designers can support during and after the broadcast. You just need to show up for the broadcast.