Located in the heart of Hisingen, we’ve created this rough, down to earth, easygoing café — with lots of daylight through its big windows, and comfy seating.

We bring over the wild flavors from western China to Lindholmen. A truly satisfying Chinese food experience that you are sure to remember.

Welcome to a World of Food

We offer our guests a personal experience in a state-of-the-art restaurant, where Asian flavors meet Western cuisines. We draw inspiration from the five traditional elements of China - fire, earth, metal, water, and wood - when we design our dishes, and these elements will be a hallmark in both menus and interior design.

On our menu, you will find an innovative and modern mix of flavors from Korea, Japan, China and Vietnam together with Nordic cuisines. Occasionally, there will also be some temporary tastes from “guest country”, for instance Texas barbecue.