Construction at Pumpgatan

During week 8-14, utility and excavation for VA shafts will be carried out on the northern side of Lindholmsallén, between Pumpgatan and Regnbågsgatan. The work will primarily affect motor traffic, starting from the end of Lundby Hamngata, where Lindholmsallén begins.


Motor traffic from Lundby Hamngata will be redirected into the bus lane on Lindholmsallén for a short distance until the roundabout at Regnbågsgatan. Motor traffic on the opposite direction, from the west, will follow the regular route towards Frihamnen.


Bus traffic will be impacted by the cars in the bus lane during this period, and it will affect the traffic flow. Pedestrians and bicycle traffic will be directed around the work area on the southern side.



Installation of new water and sewer pipelines along the southern side of Lindholmsallén from February to May 


The work will be carried out in the parking lot north of Bra Sommarmöbler and on the southern side of Lindholmsallén, from numbers 26 to 28.


This means that one of the lanes on the southern side will be closed, and traffic will be redirected to the public transportation lane, causing a reduction in speed in the work area. Parking spaces will also be affected during this time.