Construction work at Frihamnen-Hisingsbron

Right now, work is underway to build a new tramway and lanes for city buses between Frihamnen and Lindholmen, scheduled to be completed by the turn of 2025/2026.


From April 2 to September 15, preparatory work will be carried out to connect the new tramway from Hisingsbron to Frihamnen, including the installation of switches. This will involve a restriction of traffic towards the city center on Hjalmar Brantingsgatan, which will be diverted past the work area onto one lane instead of the normal two. Entrance to the city center from Frihamnen will be closed at Frihamnsmotet, and motorists will be directed to alternative routes. Bus traffic will follow its usual route, with no car traffic allowed in the public transport lane.


Pedestrian and bicycle traffic on the western side of Hjalmar Brantingsgatan will be redirected via Frihamnen. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic to and from Backaplan is recommended to use the eastern side of Hisingsbron.


Construction work at Lindholmsallén


Starting from April 8, bus traffic on Lindholmsallén will be moved into the general traffic lanes and will share the road with other vehicles. This means there will only be one lane in each direction on Lindholmsallén. This diversion will remain in place until the new tramway and bus lane in Lindholmsallén are completed in December 2025.



This diversion may result in longer travel times for both public transport and car traffic during peak hours. To facilitate public transport, certain bus routes have been redirected to operate along Andromedagatan instead. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic will primarily use the main route on the southern side of Lindholmsallén, although diversions may occur occasionally along the stretch.



Visit for tips on new travel habits to make your journey easier. Choose alternative routes and consider traveling at different times if possible. In May, the new ferry service between Stenpiren and Lundbyvass will commence.