The new improved bike entrance

Dear Cyclists,


The installation of the new revolving gate is now done!

This installation is a measure we have taken to increase the safety and security in the garage.

The installation is placed in the bicycle ramp in GIC 1, and it will help to reduce the speed of cyclists and therefore decrease the risk of potential accidents.

It will also prevent unauthorized persons from entering the garage.



Please note what applies in Uni3’s garage:


– All bicycles, according to the Swedish Transport Agency, must use the bicycle entrance.
(Bicycles and most electric scooters)

– All motor vehicles, according to the Swedish Transport Agency, must use the car entrance.
(Cars, motorcycles, mopeds)

– Due to safety, pedestrians must use the designated entrances on the entrance floor.



Here is a guide on how you use the new revolving gate:


– Wait for your turn. Make sure the bike gate is closed before using your access card.

– Show your access card to the card reader; the bike gate will automatically open.

– Walk through the revolving part while you lead your bike through the bike gate.


We are very excited about this installation and hope you also see the benefits of this!


If you are aware that you have an extra-wide bicycle, wider than the standard size, and it doesn’t fit through the bike gate, please contact us at


We wish you all a pleasant day!


Best regards,

Uni3 Operations Team