Uni3 Massage and Physiotherapy

Uni3 Massage and Physiotherapy provided by SATS.

Unwind with our holistic massage therapists from SATS, providing you with the perfect escape from stress, tension and everyday life hustle. Treat yourself to a half or full body massage onsite at Uni3 and embark on a journey of relaxation.

If you are in pain or have physical problems, SATS will offer you physiotherapy onsite at Uni3 or online. The physiotherapist of SATS specializes in treating and preventing physical problems, pain, and movement limitations in your body. The treatment will be adapted to your situation and your needs.


When? Wednesdays from week 48

Where? Conference Center room ROSE


How to book:

Go to: sats.se/uni3 or click here and get forwarded straight to the booking site


Mail: Karin.sanner@sats.se
Phone: +46730372053


55 min 780 SEK
25 min 425 SEK