For Tenants

Which Uni3 Campus building is yours?


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Uni3 garage provides several parking spaces that tenant can rent from the landlord.

If you have attained a parking space in Uni3 garage, you will need to get a parking permit from Uni3 Front Desk or your company reception. The number on the parking permit is the number of your assigned space, which you can spot on the floor in garage. Any problems with your parking permit in the garage should be addressed to Uni3 Front Desk as soon as possible.

It is important to have your parking permit number clearly visible when you park in the garage.

Click here to see Uni3 Garage map.

Temporary Parking at Uni3 

There are some temporary parking spaces outside building entrances at Uni3 campus for pick-up and drop-off.

Vehicles are allowed to park there for 30 minutes but no longer than that. If parking longer than 30 minutes, the vehicle will receive a ticket.


Public Vehicle Parking in Lindholmen

If you do not have a parking space in the garage, you can find a public parking lot from Parkering Göteborg nearby. Click here to check the information of public parking near Uni3.


Lindholmen Parking Permit from Parkering Göteborg

If you use parking frequently, you can apply for a parking permit from Parkering Göteborg here. Simply follow the instructions from the page.


Visitor parking

We are sorry to say that currently there are no free visitor parking spots at Uni3 Campus. Please inform your visitors to use any public vehicle parking mentioned above.

If you ride to Uni3 Campus, you can either park your bike/motorbike in the garage on designated locations or outside the building.


In garage

The entrance for bikes and motorbikes to Uni3 garage is Planetgatan 2.

Click here to see the garage map for bike parking room, charging box and bicycle pump.

  • Bicycles, electric bicycles, and scooters can be parked in the garage using the predetermined spaces, but you will need to park them into the racks.
  • Charging of bicycle batteries is only allowed in the garage using the special charging boxes. You can use your own ID badge to lock and unlock the charging box, and it is mandatory to lock the box charging the batteries.


Outdoor parking

There are several spaces to park bikes and motorbikes outside in Uni3 Campus.

Please click here to see a map for outdoor parking.