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Our campus is more than just a collection of buildings; every furniture, every colour and every material has been carefully chosen according to our design story where East meets West.

Bringing the five Chinese elements into the material selection makes the campus come alive and allows us to tell stories in every corner of the campus. This we have done purposely to create an environment where creativity and innovation can occur naturally. We want this place to welcome all people, regardless of whether they belong to the Geely Holding group, an external tenant or the Gothenburg community. Thus, our facades are covered in glass to express transparency and openness, inviting people in. Yet we wanted to create a link to the shipping yard heritage in the area and chose a strong foundation of bricks similarly to the buildings that were and still are here. You see, I could go on about these material stories for hours.

For many years Geely in Sweden has worked scattered in different locations, and the initial thinking for this campus was to facilitate that growing need for offices. We have accomplished that. The new workplace is more than just a building; it is a symbolic statement to you as an employee that we are here to stay. It is also a clear statement of commitment to the city of Gothenburg, and to our suppliers, partners, stakeholders and everyone in the Geely Holding Group – we are now a permanent fixture in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Europe. However, it is becoming much more than that. We are stretching beyond the belonging to Geely and are equally thrilled to now also be host to external tenants. You are all important contributors in creating synergies and a collaborative atmosphere. I hope that we can learn from each other, exchange valuable expertise and together create cultural memories that are unseen of in the business environment today. I hope that we can enable the East to meet the West, because when 1+1 meet something happens, extra value is created. This added value has become an important guideline for the campus and is the reason for the name of the Uni3 brand.

Please take a moment to read through this introductory information package that will help you discover your new workplace.

Once again, welcome!

Gang Wei, CEO

Daily fault report

There are three ways to make a fault report in Uni3 campus:

1. Click here and fill in the information

2. Open Uni3 app and choose Uni3 Office Services and fill in the information

3. Simply send email to

Urgent fault report

In case of any urgent technical faults or facility-related questions in the building outside office hours, Uni3 Contact Center is available 24/7. Please call at +46 (0)10 470 5080

Opening hours

Monday — Friday: 07:30 — 17:30


Summer 2022 (week 26 – week 31)

Monday — Friday: 08:00 — 16:30


Please click here to send your general requests and our host will answer your email as soon as possible.

You are also welcome to contact Front Desk via +46 (0)10 2040650 as well for any instant support.

Accessibility information

A dedicated entrance for disabled employees and visitors is located at Lindholmsallén 8B, where a sign can be found with contact details to the front desk hosts who are happy to assist our guests .

Postal services

Uni3 Front Desk provides service of normal mail and Express delivery. The service range and operation may vary for each tenant, therefore please consult Front Desk for specific information regarding your organization.

Incoming mail
Incoming letters for tenants in Uni3 Main Building should be addressed to
Pumpgatan 1, 41755 Göteborg. If there is a reception in your own organization, you should pick up your letters there. If your organization has a physical post box, one or two people in your organization have keys and are responsible for the incoming letters. Otherwise, check with Uni3 Front Desk about your incoming letters.

Outgoing mail
Uni3 Front Desk can collect outgoing mail and leave to Postnord. Please consult Front Desk to see if you need to stamp the letter by yourself or not. If your company has its own reception, please leave your letters at the company reception.

Express Delivery
“If there is a reception in your own organization, check with them first about sending express delivery. Uni3 Front Desk provides different solutions of express delivery service. Check with our hosts about available services. Mandatory information to send out Express delivery envelope includes contact person, address, mobile number, and zip codes. If you need to send out packages, consult Front Desk for possibilities.

Other services

Uni3 Front Desk provides a wide range of services within Uni3 Campus. Our services range from administration work like access management, visitor management system admin, to customised service like dry cleaning, booking office fika or ordering flowers for someone.

Welcome to talk with Front Desk to find out more possibilities for your workplace.

Garage vehicle parking

Uni3 garage provides several parking spaces that your company can rent from the landlord. Please contact the responsible department in your own organization to check the possibility of renting a spot from the landlord.

If you have attained a parking space in our garage, you will need to get a parking permit from Uni3 Front Desk. The number on the parking permit is the number of your assigned space, which you can spot on the floor in garage. Any problems with your parking permit in the garage should be addressed to the Front Desk as well.

It is important to have your parking permit number clearly visible when you park in the garage.

Please note that only people with parking permit are allowed to park in the garage.

Parking in Lindholmen

Temporary Parking
If you do not have a parking space in the garage, you can also find a public parking lot from Parking Göteborg nearby. Click here to check the information of public parking nearby Uni3.

You can find information like number of parking places, price and payment method.

Parking Permit from Parkering Göteborg
If you want to rent a parking space from Parkering Göteborg, you can apply for a parking permit at Simply follow the instructions from the page.

Bike & Motorbike Parking

If you ride to Uni3, you can either park your bike/motorbike in the garage or outside the building. Check image below for parking spaces, bicycle pump and charging box in the garage.

And image below for spaces outside.

If you would like to park inside, please enter and exit the garage at Planetgatan. You can use your ID badge to open the garage door on the card reader.

Visitor Parking

We are sorry to say that currently there are no free visitor parking spots from Uni3 campus. Please inform your visitors to use any public parking lots mentioned above.

Uni3 Guest WIFI

Uni3 by Geely campus provides open WIFI for all visitors and tenants. Find “Uni3_Guest” in WIFI list and click to connect. You will need to agree to our terms in a browser before you can access the internet.

IT fault report in Uni3 public area

If you notice any IT devices or service malfunctions in Uni3 by Geely’s public areas, please send a report to Front Desk at

IT fault report/support in tenant area

Please contact the IT department in your own organisation if IT devices or services in your own premises experience any problems.

Vending Machine

There is one Convini vending machine on floor 1:D and you can find various sort of snacks, food and soft drinks all day round. Please check the approximate location in image below. To use the vending machine, you will need to download the Convini app and set up prefered payment methods.


ICA Kvantum Sannegården
ICA is a Swedish supermarket chain. You can find articles for daily use here including hygiene articles, food, fruit, vegetables, snacks, etc.

Address:Vintergatan 4, Göteborg
Transport: It is about 1.5 kilometers from Uni3, and it takes around 16 minutes to walk there. You could also take bus line 16/31/58/99/121, stop Pumpgatan or Regnbågsgatan, direction Sannegårdshamnen, and it takes around 12 minutes in total.

Convenience store

Pressbyrån is a Swedish convenience store chain which you will find at many larger bus stops, tram stops or other transport hubs. Here you will find snacks, beverages, fast food, bus cards, sim cards, refill cards, confection, snacks and magazines.

Address: Lindholmspiren 5, Göteborg
Transport:Walk 650m, 9 mins

Address:Lindholmsallén 30, Göteborg
Transport:Walk 700m, 9 mins

Receiving packages

Uni3 Main Building:

— Measurement per delivery (Length + 2x Width + 2x Height) does not exceed 250 cm
— Weight per delivery does not exceed 15 kg

Delivery address:
Pumpgatan 1, 41755 Gothenburg

— Tenants should adhere to the definition of packages stated above
— Tenants should always provide a direct contact for any delivery (phone number of the carrier)
— Please inform front desk if there is any expected package arriving that cannot be collected directly, or if the package contains high value objects
— Tenants should pick up the package during the same day of delivery, if not, notify front desk

Lynk & Co Building:

Please contact your reception for details

Receiving Goods

— Measurement per delivery (Length + 2x Width + 2x Height) exceeds 250 cm.
— Weight per delivery does not exceed 15 kg

Delivery address
— Main option:  Garage entrance (Besides Pumpgatan 1, 41755 Gothenburg)
— Second option: Goods Entrance  Planetgatan 4A (Please note that you need to contact Front Desk before filling in delivery address)

— Tenants should always collect delivered goods directly from carrier and transport goods into tenant premise
— As a primary principle the tenant is to direct delivery car/truck to the garage and use the elevator to bring any goods straight to the tenants premise. During the process, tenants are responsible for access and safety
— If tenants must use lift board at goods unloading entrance to bring in goods, contact front desk in advance
— Tenants have the responsibility to protect our shared facility (e.g. walls, floors etc.) when moving goods in Uni3 facility
— If the recipient cannot collect goods upon arrival, a new delivery time may need to be arranged

Other questions

If you have other questions or request regarding goods and packages, please send an email to


Geely Innovation Centre Management AB invests in long-term risk management, based on the company’s business idea, legal requirements, other external requirements, and the threats that exist in the world around us.

The company’s security- and safety work are carried out systematically to safeguard our business operations, and create customised security and protection for our tenants, owners, employees, customers, visitors and other stakeholders.

The security and safety work carried out at the Geely Innovation Centre is designed to protect our interests and assets, while creating a safe and secure working environment. To do this we provide knowledge around what should be protected, create control capabilities, simplify preventive work, make cost effective investments, and set clear priorities.

The objective of everything we do within the area of security and safety, is to ensure that all strategic and operational risks are clearly understood, acknowledged, and accepted by the organisation.

The overall objectives are:

  • To create a systematic approach that ensures compliance, cost-effectiveness, and stability
  • To perform regular risk assessments that ensure customised protection
  • To ensure proactive measures are taken that reduce avoidable risks and increase security and safety for customers, owners, employees, visitors, and other stakeholders
  • To minimise unplanned downtime incidents
  • To deliver clear contingency and continuity planning
  • To measure and analyse the impact of security and safety work and propose continuous improvements
    through audits and management review

Our goal is to be the natural choice among customers and tenants who are looking for a secure and reliable
partner in multi-tenant business services.

Uni3 Contact Center

Uni3 has a 24/7 contact center regarding urgent security, safety, and facility questions.

If you need instant help, call +46 (0)10 470 5080.


Evacuation and Assemly point

If you should hear an evacuation siren even if it is not on your direct floor. You should evacuate in a calm and orderly fashion and make your way to the assembly point. The assembly point is located at Hugo Hammars quay, see attached picture below.

Do NOT use the elevators when you evacuate the building, use the staircases instead.


Your ID badge and Access control

To enter the building
Entrance doors are equipped with card/PIN readers. To enter the property, you can use one of the entrances at ground level that face Pumpgatan (main entrance) and Lindholmsallén. You will need to use both card and PIN code outside office hours (Mon -Fri 8-17) to enter the building. When arriving with your bicycle or motorbike, you should enter via the garage gate, accessible on Planetgatan.

During opening hours, the Lobby area is open to public.

Access rights and alarms
Access rights on the card are based on each tenant’s and person’s unique needs and security clearance. If your organization has intrusion alarm and you are the first person to use the card reader, you will need to unset the alarm to open the door. Only do this when the card reader asks you to, otherwise your ID badge with PIN code is enough.

Lost and found
If you lose your access card, please report it to the Front desk on floor 1 as soon as possible so it can be cancelled. If you find an access card, please leave it at the Front Desk.

Phone: +46 10 2040650, e-mail:

Intrusion alarm

The buildings are protected by intrusion detection system. The system is divided into several “alarm zones” where tenant have options to arm and secure their own areas outside working hours. When an alarm is triggered, it is transmitted to an Alarm Monitoring Centre 24/7 and can also be handled in the internal operator room.

Camera surveillance

General areas (incl. garage, the Lobby, the Theatre and Geely story) are monitored 24/7.

External thermal cameras on the façade are used to prevent illegal actions. In case of an event, the Alarm Monitoring Centre can access live video and communicate via speakers without delay.

For privacy question, please refer to privacy page.

Visitor management

The main entrance for visitors is via the Lobby (Pumpgatan 1). Here visitors will be welcome and assisted by the hosts. Visitors can sign-in using one of several registration stations. When signed-in, the visitor’s host will be notified of their guest’s arrival, and a visitor badge will be printed. The visitor badge should be clearly visible and worn throughout the time spent on campus.

General safety instructions

The property is well-equipped with safety systems that ensure tenants, personnel and visitors can work in a safe

In case of fire or other danger, follow these instructions:

  1. Rescue and/or warn people in immediate danger.
  2. Alert the fire department, police, or paramedics by calling the emergency response number (112) from a safe location. Inform the emergency response services where you are calling from, the location of the emergency (address and floor) and if there are people in danger. Do not end the call to the emergency services until you are given permission to do so.
  3. ‘Try to extinguish the fire, if possible, while avoiding smoke inhalation – but please do not put yourself in danger!
  4. Evacuate through nearest exit or emergency exit and make your way to the assembly point that has been designated for your building.

Fire protection

At Uni3 we have a fire and evacuation alarm system to ensure that in case of emergency or fire, everyone affected in the building will be alerted to this.The property also has a full-cover fire alarm and sprinkler system.


It is important to know that the alarm is sequenced, meaning that only directly affected and adjacent areas will sound the fire and evacuation alarm. This is to avoid a mass evacuation of the building.

Uni3 Main Building 


Area DE: 

This part of building consists of 8 floors and floor 0 (basement), and the alarm triggers as follows:

Floor 0 : When 1 or more detectors on basement level are triggered, the evacuation alarm will sound.

Floor 0,5-1,5 : When 1 or more detectors on floor 0,5-1,5 are triggered, the evacuation alarm will sound. It will also sound if at least 2 detectors on floor 0 are triggered. In addition to the alarm sound there is also a spoken (voice) evacuation alarm, this voice tells you to evacuate both in Swedish and English. The spoken alarm is only available on floor 0,5-1,5.

Floor 2 : When 1 or more detectors on floor 2 are triggered, the evacuation alarm will sound.

Floor 3 – 8 : When 1 or more detectors on the floor are triggered, the evacuation alarm will sound. It will also sound if at least 2 detectors on the floor below are triggered.


Area ABC:

This part consists of 14 floors, floor 0 (basement) and the Theatre.


The system in this part operates in the exact same way as the system in Area DE when it comes to how the fire and evacuation alarm is triggered on the separate floors.


The difference is the Theatre where there are both sirens and a spoken fire and evacuation alarm.


Floor 1 : When detectors on floor 1 are triggered it only activates the evacuation alarm on floor 1 and the spoken evacuation alarm on floor 1 & 2 and within the Theatre.

Floor 2 : When detectors on floor 2 are triggered it activates the evacuation alarm on floor 1 & 2 and the spoken evacuation alarm on floor 1 & 2 and within the Theatre.

The Theatre : When detectors in the Theatre  are triggered it activates the evacuation alarm on floor 1 to 6, and the spoken evacuation alarm on floor 1 & 2 and within the Theatre.

If you should hear an evacuation siren or a spoken evacuation message, even if it is not on your direct floor. You should evacuate in a calm and orderly fashion and make your way to the assembly point.


Lynk & Co Building

At Lynk & Co we have a fire alarm system to ensure that in case of emergency or fire, everyone affected in the building will be alerted to this.

Alarm signals that are activated in the event of a fire alarm according to the following principle:


Alarm from 1 detector within floors 0-1 activates the alarm on those floor.

Alarm from 1 detector within floors 2-5 activates the alarm on those floor.

Alarm from 2 detectors will activate the evacuation within all floors

(Alarm button at the fire protection panel activates the evacuation alarms within all floors. To be used primarily by the rescue service)


Design Building

Alarm from 1 detctor within floor 0 only activates the evacuationalarm within floor 0

Alarm from 2 detectors also activate levels 1-3 and a spoken evacuationalarm.

Alarm from detector floor 1-3 activates evacuationalarm within floors 1-3 as well as spoken evacuationalarm.

Alarm from detectors within floors 4-4.5 only activate evacuationalarm within floors 4 -4.5

Aspirationssystem is activated evacuationalarm within floor 1-4.5

Alarms in stairwells,lift, shafts and fireprotection panels (BFT) activate evacuationalarms on all floors.

Alarm within the aspirationssystem in the lightyard activates the evacuationalarm within floor 1- 4.5

Detectors within stairwells and elevatorshafts and alarmbuttons at BFT activate evacuationalarm on all floors.

Elevators will move to the ground floor where they will remain until reset.

Emergency alarms in Elevator & RWC

All elevators in the building are equipped with two-way-communication. By pressing the button for at least 3 seconds, you will be put in direct contact with the Alarm Monitoring Centre for assistance regarding elevators.

In every disabled toilet (RWC) there is also an emergency alarm. If pressed, a signal sounds outside the toilet and the Alarm Monitoring Centre will be alerted.

First Aid kit and defibrillator

First Aid kits are located on every floor. Use of a First Aid kit should be reported to the front desk after use, so it can be refilled if needed.

GIC provides two defibrillators for the property tenants in Uni3 Main Building:

One is located near the main entrance on floor 1;

The other is located in conference centre outside room forest.


When becoming a tenant in GIC it is important to understand that not only one company will inhabit and conduct business in the buildings. Therefore, we have put together a set of house rules that will apply to all tenants in the buildings, and hopefully make it easier for you as a tenant.


These rules apply to all visitors and tenants in the buildings on the Uni3 Campus, their employees, consultants, suppliers/contractors, and everyone else who conducts business in the buildings.


The purpose of the rules is to make it clear what you can and cannot do in Uni3 campus facilities.

House rules for entrance, common areas and offices

  • The building is secured with hi-tech security systems, trained security personnel and both patrolling and stationary security guards.
  • In case of urgent technical faults in the building please contact the emergency service under following number: 031-70 91 000 (24/7)
  • Facility fault issues and services are to be communicated to as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Please note that the fault report system is Topedesk and therefore you will get a reply from the Topdesk email.
  • We recommend that food is only consumed in the kitchen and lounge areas.
  • Smoking is forbidden in all areas of the buildings. It is also forbidden by law to smoke adjacent to or at the entrances of the buildings.
  • Burning candles or using any other open flame is forbidden in the building.
  • Hazardous and chemical products/materials must only be handled in predetermined places, and according to instructions concerning each product/material.
  • Please do not use glass walls or windows to write upon or use them as whiteboards.
  • Electrical bikes, scooters and batteries for these vehicles must not be kept or charged in the offices. This is only allowed in predetermined places. This is due to the fire hazard these batteries pose.
  • Please do not move pillars with electricity/network in your office area.
  • All electrical appliances used must have the CE (Conformité Européenne) markings. All other appliances are prohibited.
  • Please note the difference between European Conformance CE mark and “China Export” CE symbol (see picture below).
  • Temporary or permanent electrical installations are not allowed without approval from the landlord.
  • Before technical business equipment, which needs some type of installation, is brought into the building, this must be agreed upon with the landlord to ensure that all conditions are in place.
  • Tenants cannot, without prior authorisation from the landlord, make any major changes to their offices, by for instance removing/moving walls or other more invasive changes. If you have questions, please contact Front Desk.
  • It is not allowed to put posters, placards or similar items on doors, glass areas, in elevators or on walls in the buildings or in the offices. If you wish to have something put up, please contact Front Desk.
  • It is forbidden to store any kind of goods in the entrance, common areas, stairwells or Front Desk areas (i.e. bicycles, scooters, boxes etc.). This is due to the fire hazard it causes and evacuation routes/routines. It also hinders the cleaning of these areas.
  • Cleaning of the common areas, entrances, stairwells, offices and outside is taken care of by Compass Group.
  • Garage: Parking only allowed in marked parking spaces and permission to these parking spaces is required. It is not permitted to park temporarily in the garage outside marked parking spaces.

Rules for Terrace

House rules for parking bicycles

  • Bicycles, electric bicycles and scooters can be parked in the garage using the predetermined spaces, but you will need to park them into the racks.
  • Charging of bicycle batteries is only allowed in the garage using the special charging stations (see image below). You can use your own ID badge to lock and unlock the charging station box, and it is mandatory to lock the box charging the batteries.


These are general rules that apply to every building on the campus. It is up to each tenant to create further rules, where necessary, relating to their own specific areas.

Uni3 app

In Uni3 app, you can purchase food and beverage from Uni3 World of Food, get news about events and campaigns, and even make a fault report.


Do you know that you can get special discount in restaurant Uni3 World of Food?

Since your company is a tenant in Uni3, you can enjoy the lunch for only 105 SEK. Register in Uni3 app with your company email and enjoy.


To make a fault report, simply choose Uni3 Office Service on the start page- and follow the instructions.


Lighting is controlled via a KNX bus system with a presence sensor, time control, and local light switches.

A motion detector activates lights during movement in most public areas.  In the daytime, the lights are in a passive state in the absence of movement.  Low lighting on the walls and ceilings are off.  In the evening, the lights go out completely in the absence of movement.

Climate curtains

The climate curtains roll automatically to reduce the glare of excessive sunlight. In area D & E on each floor (see image below) there is a keypad for manually overriding the automated function. There are also local control panels in meeting rooms and open landscapes where windows are equipped with automatic climate curtains.

In area A, B and C of Uni3 main building, the climate curtains are rolled down automatically if sun light is too strong. Once automatically rolled down, they cannot be controlled from office surfaces even though there are switches. The reason for this is to contribute to environment and minimize the energy consumption in the buildings. Since each facade part has its own sensor, climate curtains might occasionally be up on one side but down on another.


Only switches with text or pattern will function. Here you can find the text and meaning for switches. For all the light, one short click will turn on or off the light, while long press will dim or brighten the lights.

Check in which area of the building you are located in image below and find the description below accordingly.



How to use the elevators:

  1. Press the number (0-14) of the floor you would like to go to on the panel outside the elevator. For 10-14 press 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 or 1-4.
  2. The panel will thereafter show which elevator you should go to according to the label (elevator identifier) which is placed above each elevator.
  3. Enter the elevator that the panel displayed.
  4. Leave the elevator at the desired floor.


Please note:

  • The display inside the elevator shows to which floor(s) the elevator is going.
  • If you are not sure if the approaching elevator is going to your floor, take a quick look on the display inside the elevator.
  • Once you are in the elevator, it is not possible to change the desired floor. To do so you need to exit the elevator and press the display outside again.
  • If you don´t take the displayed elevator, you will not get to the desired floor.
  • If you wonder on which floor the elevator is, once you have entered the elevator, look on the display in the elevator.
  • If you need audible guidance, a longer approach time or wishes to keep the door open for longer,
    please press the disability symbol on the panel before the number of the desired floor.



There are two more buttons on the panels in front of the elevators:

  • Star button (used for PIN code function and to call the elevator to the main floor; the PIN code function is only available for the building owner or emergency response personnel)
  • Minus button (used for entering floor numbers below the ground floor, e.g. -2; not relevant in Uni3 Main Building)

Lockers in changing rooms

There are lockers in the changing rooms for everyone to use.

Locks on the cabinets are programmed as follow:
Any person can lock the cabinet and unlock one locker by using normal access ID badge. Only the person using the locker can ulock it later on. However, if you do not unlock the cabinet within 12 hours, it will open automatically.

If you have problems regarding the locker rooms, please check with Front Desk. You can find locations of changing rooms in image below.